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Bremen 11 August 17

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What´s about NeoTangoLab Convention ?

# NeoTangoLab Convention

will be a budget dancing event with labs / workshops connected to www.neotangorave.com
It won´t be a glamorizing, high-end spectacle.

The purpose is to teach ourselves Neotango moves and combinations aided by video projections and to encourage dancers to establish NeoTangoLabs at their home cities.

# Dancing concept

Every NTL has a specific structure assured by moderators supervising the learning process:

- Warming up

- Video presentation and analytic discussion

- Practice phase

- First round discussion 

- Second practice phase

- Final round discussion 

- Open dancing

Moderators don‘t shape the dancing style. Every dancer keeps it‘s own style and pace, benefits from the common experiences.



What's our offer ?

3 NeoTangoLabs

6 Moderators

6 hours of exploring dancing moves 

Participants from all over Europe

Panel Example

This is an example of the panel position.